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Pam Folsom

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Folsom’s landscape paintings are personal interpretations of the scenes she is drawn to as she works out of doors year-round. Author John Berger shares her vision in a quote from About Looking: “Shelf of a field, green, within easy reach, the grass on it not yet high, papered with blue sky through which yellow has grown to make pure green, the surface colour of what the basin of the world contains, attendant field, shelf between sky and sea, fronted with a curtain of printed trees, friable at its edges...field that I have always known...” Folsom explains: “Rich, brilliant colors, and thick brush strokes interpret my connection to the field that Berger describes -- large, positive landscapes reflecting a part of life that is peaceful and reassuring, familiar and comfortable.

My goal is to capture the grass blowing and clouds moving for viewers to enjoy endlessly.” Folsom experiments with thick and thin paint; she creates an illusion of movement by giving distinct areas of a painting the same directional brushstrokes. Her compositions appear active and alive.

The artist attended the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning, Vermont Studio Center, Cincinnati Art Academy, and Indiana University. In 2007, she was commissioned by Woodford Reserve to create a painting for its official, limited-edition Kentucky Derby bottle of bourbon.


2006 “Woodford Reserve Show,” Lexington, KY
2005 “Anniversary Show,” Cincinnatti, OH
2005 “No Place Like Home,” Cincinnatti, OH
2005 “Woodford Reserve Show,” Lexington, KY
2005 “Connections,” Louisville, KY
2004 “Size Matters” miniature painting show, Cincinnatti, OH
2003 “Wilmington College World Peace Symposium,” Wilmington, OH
2003 “3 Women, 3 Views,” Cincinnatti, OH
2003, 2001, 1999 “Art in the Evening,” Cincinnati, OH 2002 “Recent Landscapes,” Louisville, KY
2002 “Landscape Show,” Chicago, IL
2002 “Gardener’s Sanctuary,” Krohn Conservatory, Cincinnati, OH
2000 “NVAL 16th Annual Juried Art Show
2000,” Redding, CA
2000 “Lafayette Art Association National Juried Competition,” Lafayette, LA


Cincinnati Financial Center, OH
Brown & Foreman, Louisville, KY
Kohnen & Patton, Attorneys, Cincinnati, OH
Crosby Township Historical Society, OH
Woodford Reserve, Lexington, KY

Current Exhibitions

Pam Folsom
2015 -2016

Past Exhibitions

Pam Folsom
2014 -2015
Pam Folsom
2013 -2014


Pam Folsom 2010 - 2011 Exhibition
2012 -2013
Pam Folsom 2010 - 2011 Exhibition
2010 -2011


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