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Robert James Johnson

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American Realist (1962- )

Robert James Johnson was born in 1962. Having been taught and encouraged to draw at an early age, his passion for art was always obvious and it has become his lifelong obsession.

Mr. Johnson is a self-taught painter but he has an extensive drawing background.  He has studied human figure and still life and has trained in both mechanical and architectural drafting.  In earlier years, he worked as a draftsman at his father's company during the summer months.

A dedicated outdoorsman, Robert first arrived in Key West after biking from Jacksonville, Florida when he was 18 years old. He fell in love with Key West, returned when he was 20 and has lived there ever since.

For the last twenty years he has devoted his time studying and painting Key West and the Florida Keys. These fascinating and beautiful surroundings have provided him constant inspiration. His paintings of Key West Houses, underwater scenes and marine scenes are masterfully executed and sparkle with light and color.

Having originally desired to be an architect, his years of drafting were never wasted and he has put those talents to use in his paintings of Key West street scenes. These paintings display his love for the classic architecture he captures with every detail.

Johnson is also an avid skin diver and spends a lot of time snorkeling.  These interests appear in the same delicately executed style of realism he knows…whether it is the birds or the fish of the coral reefs which surround Key West.

Being a sailor himself, Johnson continues to have a growing passion for painting the Key West schooners. He has successfully captured on canvas most of the ones that dock there. "The Western Union," "The Wolf" and "The Appledore" are some of his favorites, all of which are such an important part of the Key West historic seaport.

Johnson works at his craft, painting his street scenes on site in his "Old Town Key West" neighborhood where much of his favorite architecture is within blocks of his home. As he has been receiving greater recognition his work can now be seen at a number of notable galleries and in collections throughout the United States and many countries abroad.

Over the years Robert Johnson has had numerous exhibitions including The Key West Art Center, the "Images Art Show" at East Martello Museum; in 1996 at his own gallery, Mother Earth and at Gingerbread Square Gallery in 1998, 1999 and 2000. Mr. Johnson's work is now available in Key West exclusively at Gingerbread Square Gallery.

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